Friday, June 3, 2011

Some changes

I have lost interest in blogging my motorcycle escapades as they amount to zip.doodly squat. I still ride but I tend it to keep it local and the usual haunts.

There a couple of guys I know from work that ride and we are planning a ride to a legendary eating establishment. This weekend was bust for various reasons.

On a personal note a friend of mine and club brother was shot to death in an apparent road rage incident.
His name is Su Springer and knew him through work. He used to work for one of our vendors and he would come bail me out when a problem with one of out CT Scanners would make cry "UNCLE"!

Of course during one of his visits we got distracted talking about motorcycles. We eventually rode together with Jamie riding with me. We went to a meat-and-three in Christiana which is near Murfreesboro. After we ate we took off for Tullahoma. On the way, I was shocked to see Su stand on his foot pegs, reach into his pocket, pull out a cell phone, slip it under his full face helmet, and starts talking! Then just a few mile down the road, he suddenly pulls over without signalling, and brings out his phone again.

In some of our conversations I mentioned the club, but Su said he was not interested.

After I became ill, the club threw a benefit on my behalf, but raised money for a fallen brothers fund. This fund has become needed on far too many occasions. But Su heard about the benefit, and came by that afternoon. He saw how the club supported one of their own and then embarked on the path to becoming a brother.

He earned his road name "Push Start" for obvious reasons. He bought a custom harley chopper but it had alternator problems. He went on a ride with the club but left out that detail. So every time the club stopped he need a push start. On one noteworthy stop he parked uphill so the brothers had to push Su and his bike uphill.

He was of Korean descent, short, and with a name like Su he had a great sense of humor. He was little sensitive about his height but it never really became an issue.

Recently the Kentucky coroner sent his widow a death certificate listing his cause of death a "Homicide".

Last week I embarked on much needed project. I started swim lessons. You would think as parent of a fish I would know how to swim. I never really became serious until then. My coach is a delightful young lady, my son's age, who is patient and very encouraging. I'm looking forward to my lesson. Today I am going to the pool after work to practice on my own.

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