Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two days of riding - well almost.

Last weekend was worth the wait. Saturday I rode to a swap meet in Columbia. I headed out early while it was still brisk - a little too brisk but worth while in any case. Jamie's friend Dana had a booth there selling leathers and do-rags. Dana was generous enough to give me yet another do-rag. This one had a Navy theme. She had made me a number of do-rags last year while I was still recovering. I have worn the new one almost daily. I have to get the bugs washed off of it. With a windshield most of the flying wild life are redirected toward my forehead.

I worked in the yard Sunday morning, much to my chagrin. Later that afternoon I rode out toward some old back roads Jamie and I have explored. I was getting a little apprehensive as I got a little lost and my gas was surely getting low. I still don't know the fuel range yet. I slowed down to conserve fuel and made it to the Peytonsville road intersection with I-65. Fortunately there are four gas stations there. The pucker factor was getting pretty extreme those last few miles.

All in all the sun was in full glory and the temps near eighty both afternoons.

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