Monday, March 14, 2011

Reason for the blog - and this past weekend

I created this blog solely for the purpose to record my motorcycle exploits. It was never to keep everyone updated with family information. It is used as a kind of motorcycling diary - nothing more.

On that subject, I rode with one of the Brothers to a club meeting. I had some apprehension with regards to how the club would view my retirement status. The bike does not meet minimum standards but that makes no difference as I am and will always be retired. Which brings me to my other concern. Chapter rides - I will have a brother accompany me as a tandem but I won't riding with the group anytime soon. My brothers were magnanimous and of course very accomodating.

The weather was perfect for the ride to and from the meeting.

Sunday was nice as well but I was tired and just rode for a short while.

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