Thursday, March 10, 2011

Goofy - the badass biker

A couple weeks back I went to Ridgetop to look at a bike that had potential. Unfortunately, the owner was a complete goofball.
The original listing had a misspelling. He wrote "Honda Manga". It should have been "Honda Magna". I put it down as a typo. Then I went to see the bike in person. The guy tried to make his bike look badass by attaching some bullet shaped spikes on top of the handlebar clamp using ------ blue tub caulk. He also attached some spikes on the ends of the front axle using the same method. The amount of caulk used made a huge mess. Then I noticed the headlight glass bezel was broken but glued together using a inordinate amount of caulk around the edge and even through the crack creating a smear that was barely translucent.

The owner had attached some stickers to the gas tank and battery cover. He had vainly tried to remove a couple of them which left behind some adhesive and paper.

I still made an offer thinking I could remove the caulk and stickers.

I called the local Honda shop to inquire about getting a headlight. The closest place that had one was St. Louis and was about $300.00. The price alone put the bike out of my budget. I kept thinking this guy was goofy so I had extreme misgivings about buying this bike. So I called the guy and backed out the deal. The owner understood and agreed.

Later in the week he re-listed the ad. This time he wrote :  "Hoda Manga". Unreal!

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