Thursday, March 3, 2011

My reward

After my Chemo treatment, which consists mostly of waiting, getting punctured twice, donated bodily fluids, and taking a nap, I rushed home as the sun was shining brightly and the temp was 64. I called Jamie and told her I was going for a ride. On the way home I spied a road I had not recognized so I looked it up on Google Maps but basically it went nowhere. So I decided to ride out to a a very large church near Leiper's Fork. I sometimes use their parking lot to practise my low speed maneuvers and decided this would be a good opportunity to practise. I got some practise in but I'm a little rusty and need to get used to the personality of this bike. The Harley had so much torque it was easy to modulate the clutch and rear brake to maintain a slow crawl. With this bike you need to give it more gas to keep power to the rear wheel. Plus the brake pedal tends to be under my arch rather than the ball of my foot so I cannot feel it as well as I should. But like anything, I will make the necessary adjustments to my methods to make it all work.
I arrived home just in time for dinner. Jamie made a very nice chicken tetrazzini.

My sister Megan asked if she could ride with me the next time she is in town. I would be delighted. Hopefully my skills will be fully reformed by then.

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